Add banner link to extension

I am soon launching my first extension, but my team and I want to know if its possible to add a banner with a link that sends the users to another webpage.
Not on my first version of the extension but on an updated one…
Is it possible?

It depends on the type of extension, for example if it’s a Video Overlay or a Video Component extension then you wont be able to have links at all. For panel/mobile views you can have links but you would still need to obey all of the extension guidelines so depending on what the purpose of the link is for it may or may not fail review.

My extension it’s going to be a game that the viewers of a streaming can play while watching.
Is a link banner allowed on that one? Mainly it would be a link to social media

Depends on the social media. For example Twitch has previously denied extensions that have links to Discord on the grounds it’s a competing service. No one on these forums can speak as to what specific links would or wouldn’t be allowed, you’ll just need to go through review and they will judge for themselves based on the context of your extension and what the links are to.

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