Allowing Guest Login

My site currently requires Twitch auth upon launch. I want to add the ability for a guest login. I have created an account on Twitch that I’ll use for that guest login. How would I go about automatically logging the guest user into Twitch without the user needing to see a redirect to the auth page like a typical login?

Err you don’t/can’t, and account sharing is against the Twitch TOS

But if you need to access the Twitch API you can use an App Access Token instead for public data

Gotcha. I’ll go that route instead then. But does it count as account sharing if all basic functionality is taken away? It is basically just a way for the user to access my site. I disable any talking to the twitch API beyond that.

Depends what you site does and what it’s doing.

if you need a user to login then you need a user to login.
You shouldn’t use a “demo” account

You could create a demo flow for the user to play with but that demo would just demo your site and not login to Twitch.

Theres a lot of if/buts here because I don’t know what you are actually doing

But to answer your primary question

You can’t automatically login someone to Twitch itself
Account sharing is against the Twitch TOS
And you have no idea what someone will do being logged into some random Twitch account that is not theirs

Good point. I’ll go with your original suggestion and avoid the actual guest login. Thanks.

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