Announcing APIs and EventSub for Polls and Predictions

Because all actions that a moderator performs should be logged and visible to the broadcaster (and other mods), just like it is for bans/timeouts and so on. I don’t know if that is the case for starting polls and such, but if it isn’t already, then that should change regardless of third-party integration (due to possible rogue mods, as I mentioned already).

Thanks, that goes back to my previous point that mods being able to use their tokens for apps to mange polls/predictions would be great if it’s easily displayed to the broadcaster which mods have authorized apps which give permissions on their channel, and logs of moderator actions :slight_smile:

As of right now though, no broadcaster can see what connections a mod has with 3rd party apps that may have granted that app permission to do stuff on that broadcasters channel.

Step too far IMO. All that’s needed is which mod performed the action. The method they used to perform the action is unnecessary information for the broadcaster and will only serve to confuse less technically-minded users.

Mods can perform a number of actions via third-party tools currently and none of them specify in front-end logging which tool was used because it’s simply not necessary.

When a broadcaster gives a sword to a user, that user is responsible for the security and actions of their own account. If rogue actions are being performed, unmod that user. There’s no need to make it more complicated than that.


If that’s what suits your workflow then awesome. I have clients which I contract for that would like more granularity in permissions, and should an app be compromised or known bad they could take preventative measures ahead of time before the app runs a racist poll or any other bad action, and some would just like to be able to see what permissions mods have delegated to 3rd parties to ensure it is in line with channel policy.

At the very least I think there is work to be done on Twitch’s tooling (and they have done a lot with mod tools, they’ve made some great improvements over the years) to better show logs and make it easier for broadcasters to control this area of things, and if they wish let moderators use these sort of 3rd party API endpoints. I just don’t think we’re quite there yet, as while what’s currently available may be perfectly fine for your own usage, it’s not for everyone.