Announcing Helix endpoints for channel editors, deleting videos, and managing blocked users

A new set of Twitch API endpoints are now available, providing functionality that was previously only possible in v5. This update adds support for retrieving a list of channel editors, deleting videos, retrieving a user’s block list, blocking a user, and unblocking a user.

If you use the legacy v5 version of these endpoints, please refer to the updated v5 migration guide. We have added more scope mappings to make it easier for you to transition your users when you switch to the latest endpoints.

Please feel free to provide comments or questions below.

New Twitch API Endpoints

The following endpoints are now available in the latest version of the Twitch API.

New Scopes

Four new scopes have been added for the endpoints above. They have been documented in their reference definitions linked above and on the Authentication page.

  • channel:read:editors
  • channel:manage:videos
  • user:read:blocked_users
  • user:manage:blocked_users

Links about new endpoints lead to The authentication one leads to dev/ Finally ignores in up-to-date API. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up. Clearly my local build of the site before publishing. Updating now. :smile:

Even separate login and displayname for blocked users :drooling_face: Thank you!

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