Announcing the new Get Ingest Servers endpoint and updates to ingest URLs

Today we are announcing a new endpoint – Get Ingest Servers – to allow applications to programmatically fetch a list of Ingest Server URLs to enable use cases that broadcast directly to Twitch. While this functionality already exists in the v5 endpoint Get Ingest Server List, Get Ingest Servers provides this functionality as the long-term supported method. If your application uses the existing API v5 version, it is recommended that you migrate to this new version.

Additionally, starting January 12, 2021, both the new Get Ingest Servers endpoint and the v5 Get Ingest Server List will begin returning URLs using the domain, as opposed to If your application performs checks to require these URLs broadcast to domains, please update them accordingly.

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So does that mean that ingests with in the URL are deprecated? And intended to be replaced by at some point?

If they are deprecated will there be a broadcast to all streamers about the URL changes?


To add more clarification:

  • All existing ingest servers are already available at <server>
  • All existing ingest servers will continue to also be available at live-<server>
  • Ingest servers that we create after the specified date will not be available at live-<server>

As such, wide communicate to broadcasters should not be necessary.

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