Another noob trying to get his bot named


I understand bot name questions get asked a lot, but I couldn’t find my scenario.

I have two accounts, one main and one bot account. I followed these steps:
1 I created an application on my bot twitch account.
2 I took the client ID from that application to use with my oauth call to
3 I used the access_token I get back (after allowing access to my main account)
4 I run my bot, it connects properly
5 The username for the bot is still my main account username
(I do see my bot’s name on my main account under settings -> connections)

My auth url for getting the bot access_token:${this.botClientID}&redirect_uri=http://localhost:3000/botAuth&response_type=token&scope=${this.scope}

If someone would be so kind to enlighten me I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance

A bot account is the same as a user account.

So you just need to go thru the oAuth flow whilst logged in to your bot account. Rather than going thru the oAuth flow as you.

Barry, you legend you.

I was running my bot through the same browser my main account was logged into. When I ran it via an incognito window it worked.

Follow up question is then, how do I get permissions for it to actually moderate my main account channel? It doesn’t seem to have permission currently. Even though it’s visible under my connections and I called the oath with scope chat:read+chat:edit+channel:moderate.

I found it. Mark the bod as a moderator on your main profile.

Thanks again Barry.

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