API doesnt return all llive streams

i was trying to figure out why my bot doesnt notice some streams (not just with a delay but dropping them completly).
when testing with https://api.twitch.tv/helix/streams?game_id=6715&first=100 to get all live streams for the game Doom the twitch api doesnt return everything, from 16 streams it drops FlexistentialCrisis , hells_quarantine and latalainis . i dont see what causes this or how to actually get all streams. all 3 appear in the twitch website doom section, are live streaming since hours and have a few viewers.
is this known ? or is there a solution or am i doing sth wrong here ? all hints would be greatly appreciated since its crucial for the bot to get all streams

As noted in discord

Probably related to

and perhaps

or a recurrence of the same issue you describe from a few weeks ago

can it really be the language filter if i dont specify a language and get results for english,russian,german streams and when the dropped streams are also in english ?

Exactly you didn’t specify a language filter. Which means a no filter is applied and could still be related. No filter is still a filter.

And all the Helix Stream API issues could be related to each other. Since they have all been reported since Friday

ok then i am sry for bringing up this again, is it likely that this will be fixed in a month or could that be a issue that stays longer ?

This time tomorrow for an update as Twitch will be in the office then.

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