API for Personal Use

I am curious if we are able to use the Twitch API for personal projects. I am specifically interested in getting info about streams such as the streamer, the number of viewers, the game being played, etc. for a personal project. The reason I ask is because we need to register a redirect URI, but there will not be a URI associated with my project, as I am more interested in simply extracting data. Thanks!

As long as it fits into the terms outlined in the developer services agreement sure,

You only need a redirect if you intend to generate User oAuth tokens. Otherwise an App Access Token works just fine for public data.

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When I try to execute the sample curl code that is described in the Getting Started section of the API documentation, I get an error that the OAuth token is missing. I apologize but am I missing something here?

You need an app access token (or other oAuth token)

The docs are pending an update