Application management API


Is there any API that I can use to manage applications that can be found here: If not is there any API to get username/email of users that can manage this applications?

One of my applications was created long time ago and I don’t know username/email of account that I used to create this app. I just want to add another callback url but I have only my client_id and client_secret and app name, nothing more ;/

Basically no.

And ownership is not exposed anywhere either.

Dev Support might be able to go digging and find it. But might just be easier to make a new ClientID altogether

I was thinking about it and probably it will be solution but one small disadvantage is that I cannot use same app name that is visible to users when they are redirected to Twitch.

Does user_id returned by api is same for different ClientID? I am asking because e.g. Facebook is returning different user_id for different ClientID.

If you lookup a user by username you get that users UserID

Doesn’t matter what kind of token you use.
Or which ClientID owns that token.

Good to know. So I will create new client. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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