Are links to Charities allowed

I’m working on an extension which would includes a list of links to charities.
Twitch has a Policy regarding links but I’m not sure where my kind of links would fall under. This list is not the main point of the extension but would enhance it quite a lot.

If the charity page is purely informational then it may be allowed, but if the page allows for donations to be made on it then it will likely fail review (This is something that I’ve run in to before, and it resulted in my client at the time deciding not to pursue making an Extension as the guidelines make a lot of ideas non-viable).

Yeah my first submission failed because of this. I just wanted to be sure, thanks.
For my second submission I removed all links.

An interesting thing we, Muxy, have done with a charity in the past is to have a ticker and goal in the extension for the charity. The link to the charity basically was an affiliate link that shared the checkout information with the specific broadcaster’s extension and chatbot. It served a purpose to provide awareness, just didn’t have the link out.