Authentication token please help

Hey, i’m new here and new to twitch API in general and i’m so lost lol.I try to make a Twitch clone in React and i need data from Twitch api for popular streams or games categories…stuff like this, but i really don’t know how to get that authentication token.

Can anyone help me please?

I will interrupt “Twitch clone in React” as “A React site that leverages Twitch technologies to discover broadcasters and content in a unique way.” :slight_smile:

We recently launched a beta of the Twitch CLI which can be used for created tokens. If you’re just getting started and need a quick way to get an app or user token, this will be a great tool. Specially, you want to look at the token documentation which suggests you’ll just need to run twitch token if all you need is an app access token.

If you’re building a website where people can log in with their Twitch account, then you will need to go down the user access token route, which you can build your own implementation of using the OAuth documentation or using an OAuth package for React, though I do not have any recommendations for the latter as I’m not familiar with React. Hopefully this helps point you in a couple directions.

To get started with OAuth, I can also recommend checking out this article (as written by me) in the FAQ category: Authenticating with the Twitch API

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