Awarding an entry into sweepstakes based on the result of skill games

I’d like to know whether sweepstakes are allowed or not using the extension.

6.2.5 To provide the end user with an entry into a sweepstakes or contest, whether through a token or otherwise. For example, do not design a scenario in which a viewer can use Bits to obtain a gem that will allow the user to participate in a sweepstakes to win a free flight to the DOTA championships.

From what I read, direct entry(buy-in) into sweepstakes isn’t allowed. What about indirect entry?

I’d like to give you a scenario where the user plays a game and earns gems based on game results, where gems can be used as entry into sweepstakes. I guess this is fine since no Bits were used at this stage. The question arises when there are ten games a day and the user is allowed to play only one game free on any given day. If the user wants to play more, he needs to unlock the rest of the gameplays using Bits. (we are assuming the game is made using the extension and such extension is not a gambling activity like slot-machine)

6.2.3 If your Extension contains gambling activities that provide a reward with a monetary value (e.g., a slot-machine game that allows winners to obtain a downloadable code to redeem a game).

Bits aren’t used to buy gems directly, but to unlock the gameplay. But the user earns gems indirectly based on the result of the game. (the user may have to pass a certain score or condition to earn gems)

6.1.3 To enrich or enhance gameplay in a free-to-play game. For example, Bits may be used to unlock otherwise unavailable levels of gameplay (i.e., unavailable due to timers, energy systems, or other throttling mechanics), gameplay lives, gameplay avatars or character attributes, gameplay speeds, and social features for interacting with others in the Twitch community.

Referring to item 6.1.3 and 6.2.3, it seems to allow if the extension is just a game(skill or not) and rewards an entry to sweepstakes.

Could anyone shed light on how one can host sweepstakes using bits?


You wont get a definitive answer until you make an extension and put it through the review process, as the review team need to see your exact usage.

My guess would be though that your idea would not pass extension review., as they are often quite strict when it comes to anything that involves bits.

It may be something that would need looking over by Twitch Legal (and I would HIGHLY recommend you consulting your own legal advisors as different countries have different sweepstakes laws, and you need to comply with all of them where you plan to allow your extension to operate).

@Dist Thank you for the kind note.