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I’m trying to code a simple Python bot that engages my users when they enter a keyword to put them into a queue. As I work through that queue to get them into the game I’m playing, it will whisper the next set a code.

While I have the bot successfully logging into chat, responding to chat messages, parsing users and messages, identifying subscribers, etc. … no matter what I do I cannot seem to get it to successfully send a whisper to either myself or one of my chat users.

I am attempting to use the PRIVMSG #channel :/w user message encoded to UTF-8 and sent to the socket per documentation I’ve read.

Can anyone help?

Don’t just don’t

Whispers are not a reliable way for bots to operate.

Unless the bot is replying to a whisper from a user .

So your work flow doesn’t work due wot Whisper spam protection. And there are no ways around this, generally speaking.

I would love another way around it, but I don’t know of another solution. If I have a username stored in a queue with a code I want to get to them privately… how else can I go about doing that without the entire chat seeing the private code?

I’d love other solutions.

Twitch Extension, custom if one doesn’t meet you needs.

Or a Web Portal, users leave twitch to use said portal, and use login with twitch to make sure it’s them

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This is how I would do it.

Unless I can find a cleaner way and keep it in Twitch, I have been copy/pasting pregenrated /w commands from one screen to another.

I did a copy/paste of /w commands from one window to another tonight while I contemplate what to do next. The bot kept failing to respond to commands after a while constantly. It would just stop listening to the channel (and yes, I’m doing the ping/pong thing)

Whispers from bots are extremely likely to fail due to spam prevention measures. That’s why its not recommended to use whispers from any type of bot system, and extensions or an external website are the preferred methods.

That sounds like you have a separate issue unrelated to whispers affecting your bot, if it’s not responding to commands in the main chat as normal

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