Bot sent the whisp but is not displayed

Hello, I am practicing programming and I am trying to do a Twitch Plays game. I am using the TwitchLib for Unity. I have everything connected and I could make the bot write in the chat and read commands to interact with the game.

The problem is that the players will need to send a command via private message to the bot to increase their level and other things and avoid chat spam.

My OnWhisperCommandReceived is working, I can read the command sent via PM and the user name, then I send the answer with SendWhisper(name,msg).
The OnWhisperSent returns succesfully the msg information and the receiver but the message do not appear in the private conversation Box.

I tried by following the bot, adding it to friends but the message is not shown in the box.

Any idea? Thank you.

It’s not practical for a bot to send a whispers for a variety of reasons.

The best solution here is

  • Use an extension
  • Just don’t use Whispers
  • The bot may be able to reply to a whisper

But general, nope, whispers don’t and shouldn’t work for bots.

But if the API allows it, why not? what’s the reason for the mesage to be sent but not displayed on the chat box?

Also, the bot do not send any msg first and will only send a message to answer a command, this should avoid a bot ban for spam.

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