Cannot get post from subscription


I am currently setting up a subscription to tell when a streamer goes live, I was able to set up the subscription, and confirm that the subscription is active

subscribe function:
async function subscribe(userid){
let sub = await‘’, {
‘hub.callback’: ‘’,
‘hub.mode’: ‘subscribe’,
‘hub.topic’: '’+userid,
‘hub.lease_seconds’: 864000,
‘hub.secret’: ‘XXXXXXXXX’

    return sub;

checking my subscription with this function:
async function checkSubscriptions(){
await axios.get(‘’, { headers: { Authorization: ‘Bearer ixxxxxxxxxxxxxxs’ } })
.then(response =>{
} ).catch(err => {


{ total: 1,
[ { topic: ‘’,
callback: ‘’,
expires_at: ‘2020-04-02T00:09:25Z’ } ],
pagination: {} }

however when I go live, I am the subscription is not update for me.
any idea of what this could be?

using nodejs, and express

currently I am just trying to return a request body'/userLive', jsonParser, (req, res) => {  
let body = req.body;
// Checks this is an event from a page subscription




Note: I am able to get a response in postman with crap data.

sorry for code formatting issues.


after posting this, it finally worked for me.