Can't get "Raided" message over IRC

I’m using tmi.js in a browser for listening chat over IRC-WebSocket connection. My goal is to catch events Hosted, Raided, Giftpaidupgrade and Submysterygift. Version of tmi.js - 1.4.2, join to chat as broadcaster.

Hosted works fine for me. I can see messages in the WS connection. Also the hosted event emits and can be properly handled. I use chat command /host channel from another channel. Everything is good. But.
I got troubles with Raided. There are no any messages in the WS when I use /raid channel command from another channel chat. No message, no event, no fun( Can’t understand whats is the problem.

What can be a reason?
Does Raided still work over IRC? Maybe it’s just stopped long time ago?
Or maybe the reason is viewers? For my tests I can only get 1-2 viewers, maybe that not enough to send “Raided” in chat. I have no more ideas(

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