Can't rename Extension


I recently created an Extension for the devjam. After realizing it’s easier to use an Organisation when working with a team, I deleted the Extension and tried to recreate it under the newly approved Organisation. Unfortunately it seems the old name is still reserved and I couldn’t use it so I had to use a different name.

It’s been a week and whenever I try to update the name to that of the old, deleted Extension and save the changes I get an error saying the request could not be completed. Devtools tell me that the request is returning a “Conflict: client name already exists” response. What’s the normal time for a name to be released for use again after deletion? Would like to use the original name when we submit the extension for the devjam on monday.

Thanks in advance!

We don’t know how long Extension names are reserved for, or if there are factors that might impact how long a name is reserved for (for example, a monetized extension that is deleted may need to be kept in Twitch’s database for bookkeeping reasons for all we know). It’s not something that’s documented anywhere.

Yeah, I figured as much. I’m just hoping someone with magical Twitch powers swoops in.