Channel:read:subscriptions description doesn't make any sense


When you request the channel:read:subscriptions authorization, the user it informed that the application will be allowed to:

Get a list of all subscribers to your channel and check if a user is subscribed to your channel

This description doesn’t make any sense, because what the application is really seeking for is a list of all subscription of the user, not a list of his subscribers…


Get all of a broadcaster’s subscriptions.

Unless the documentation is not correct…


The docs are in correct.

At time of writing there is no helix scope or API endpoint to get the channels that a user subscribes to

The scope is correct.

But the docs wording is ambiguous


Ok, then I should use the old API and use channel_subscriptions scope?

But then the scope description is also incorrect, it still says

This will allow xxx to:

  • Get a list of all subscribers to your channel

Should be “Check if you are subscribed to a channel”, no?


If you want to get the channels a user subscribes to its



This will let you do a user to channel check.
You can’t get “all” the channels a user is subscribed too.


i personally cannot figure it out at all by reading the doc. (nor remember which is which after a week)
best way to figure out is to use your own account + a smaller streamer.
your short script will be infinitely more useful than the current doc…
(not flaming)

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