Chatbot as new app or can it be integrated with existing web app

In the reference it suggests registering your chatbot as a new app:

I already have a registered app for my partner’s twitch channel which does various bits to do with channel rewards, managing viewer logins and interactions on our website, stream widgets I’ve made for him, getting stream data etc. It would save me a lot of headaches if the chatbot could be integrated into the same app. I had a lot of help to deal with the Oauth stuff so I’m not entirely sure where to start, but this seemed to be the first question to ask before proceeding.

Also if anyone here is an expert in PHP and can offer some general getting started advice for someone who was at 'echo “Hello World”; about 18 months ago, I’d very much appreciate it! We have a large library (200+) of sound/image commands which are already in a database on the website, it would be super awesome to just have the same web server could run the bot too using the database instead of having to maintain a separate local chatbot (currently using Streamlab’s chatbot but it has some tricky drawbacks which we don’t love).

You can use the existing clientID/secret to generate tokens for your chat bot.

The guide assumes you don’t have an existing application. Since that guide uses an external token generator for “quick start”

I used to use a PHP library called “smartIRC” which needed some minor changes to make it ircV3 compatible.

But with your data being in a database you can call that database from any language.

PHP can be a bit fiddly with long running sockets. And I’m not sure what stuff exists in the IRC space since I’ve moved on from PHP for chat bots myself.

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