Chatbot Unresponsive to Commands and Cannot Post

Hey all,

I’ve been developing a simple bot, but unfortunately it’s unable to post or respond to commands, which I think could be a suspension of some sort. I think this has been happening since approximately the 30th May 2020, and it’s been a hindrance, as I’ve been wanting to iterate and develop new features for chat interaction. I would like to admit, I’m new to bots - I’ve been following some fantastic tutorials as I learn the language it’s coded in, too - and didn’t honestly realise there was a message restriction when developing database functionality, so it’s possible it might have surpassed that limit. I’ll also admit to getting frustrated with code not functioning as expected and that probably didn’t help either!

Is there anyway to get the bot returned to normal, or even confirm my theory regarding its suspension is correct? I’ve contacted Twitch support quite a few times the last 30-or-so days and they’ve been unable to help with my query, which is partly because I originally assumed the bot was simply “banned.”

Is there a way I can send a DM of the bot name so someone can investigate this without it being publically disclosed?

Thanks guys!

Sounds like you may have hit the global limit, which can occur if you exceed the published rate limits.

The limits are covered here:

Thanks for the reply, Barry. I remember reading that afterwards and just going, “damn,” as I didn’t know about the limitation.

Also, I remember getting a 30 minutes or 1 hour and 30 minutes timeout (cannot honestly remember exactly) and then everything seemed fine as the prompt disappeared and the bot was posting OK. I think the suspension kicked in just after that notice disappeared.

Do you believe there is a solution to this problem? It’s now been over a month since my bot suddenly stopped responding to commands and posting.

Thanks again

Don’t exceed the limit?

And check the RAW messages sent to the bot for any errors

Barry, as I mentioned in the first post I’m quite new to bots and IRC. Any idea how I might access the raw messages? It’s programmed in Python if that helps.

I’ve been getting rusty at this lately, as I’ve been wanting nothing to do with programming for a month because of these bot issues. Ha.


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