Checking EventSubs on a Schedule

Hi everyone. I have an app that utilizes the EventSub to listen for hypetrains. It’s a small app and the people who use it are all friends. Right now if they change their password, the authorization is nullified. So I’m trying to write a script that will run maybe hourly that attempts to check if they have authorized my app. This way I can just give them the OAuth URL and tell them to authorize my app after they change their password and my script will resubscribe next time it runs.

I think the best way to do this is to actually request an EventSub for each streamer. I’d like someone to check my logic here:

  • If I receive a http 200 response that means they authorized the app, but my app wasn’t subbed to the hypetrain event
  • If I receive a http 403 response that means the streamer has not authorized my app
  • If I receive a http 409 response that means they have authorized my app and my subscription to their hypetrain event is valid

Last 2 questions: If I continually try to subscribe to an event that I’m already subscribed to is twitch going to dump my app because I keep making a bunch of eventsub calls every hour? Is there a better way to do what I’m looking for?

There is an authorization.revoke event for this purpose

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