Cheering Bits API?

Is there any API / Interface which allows you to cheer bits? Like regular cheering when a user manually uses the Chat commands (“cheerXXX”).

I’m aware you can “use bits” within an extension to buy stuff, but I’d like to trigger regular cheers via buttons on a website which integrates the Twitch stream.

No. There isn’t

It’s a security thing to stop someone getting screwed

However you could submit a uservoice request

But I doubt Twitch will add one

No, it is not possible to Cheer, or use bits in any way, programmatically. All bits usage MUST be initiated by a user.

Sad to hear. I was hoping for some “sandboxed API” (similar to the extension .useBits()), where you can trigger but not manually sign the transactions (user has to confirm by yes/no answer).

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