Click through video overlay extension

I’m trying to solve the problem with double clicks on the opened extension (video overlay).
The problem is that double or simply quick clicks trigger the stream screen and open it in full screen.
Is this standard behavior?
When tested on the local server, clicks through the main extension DIV did not pass.


“Local server” what do you mean “local server”?

Just a page deployed on local express.
Thanks for the answer.

Local express over localhost or a proper domain?
In the rig or the twitch website?

There can be a difference to the rules applied to localhost and real website and rig and real Twitch, due to how browsers and the rig works work, which is why hosted test exists in order to check things work how they should/apply the full CSP properly

But anywho, the Twitch player retains it’s access to the normal shortcuts, including double click to full screen. As then prevents user confusion at the double click not working, on some streams compared to others

For quick development, I use express and live reload, but not rig. In this environment, multiple clicks on the extension interface do not cause problems. Having collected the developments, I test them on a twitch first with the help of a localhost, then using a twitch server. And then I get this problem. This is a problem since my extension should allow multiple clicks. In any case, thanks, I will look for other ways to solve my problem.