Client stops receiving messages

I’m developing my own anti bot bot to get rid of random bots from my chat which don’t need to be there.
I’m using LibTwitch for C# and a few days ago it was receiving messages and pings just fine but now it almost immediately stops receiving anything including pings, I tried sending my own pings periodically but that didn’t help, it might receive 1 chat message but that’s it however I can still send messages to the chat successfully and it doesn’t disconnect.

After a bit more testing the server seems to stop responding right after I receive the first chat message but it doesn’t always receive a message before it stops responding.

Sounds like a bug in the library

It’s recieving the first message then stops processing the inbound buffer.

It cant be a bug in the library, it was working just fine a few days ago.

Then you should reach out to the library dev whom can advise what information they need or can provide to you to help debug the problem.

All I can tell you are that my bots are operating fine. So a problem with a bot in $specificLibrary could be a problem in that library or the langauge underneath it.

or the library can enable/provide additional logging to help with the issue.

Might be a ISP problem if you are home hosting for example, additional logging in the bot/lib might help trace that.

Or trying you bot under a different lib/language

It just decided to start working properly again, no idea why.

I spoke too soon, it stopped receiving messages again while I’m watching the network traffic with microsoft network monitor and while it is occasionally receiving packets and responding none of the messages in chat I see in my web browser are causing packets to be received by my bot so its definitely not the software and everything else using my internet connection is working just fine so I’m stumped. If it were a network issue surely the connection would be dropped not just stop receiving certain packets… The connection has finally been dropped likely due to lack of activity.

I just found it could be a problem with our connection.

Its definitely not a problem with my connection, it seems that some chats I can join and it works perfectly but with most chats I join I might get a few messages then the clients connection gets dropped!

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