Clips API - Pagination limit?

I’m trying to help streamers gather clips data - they are rushing to download and delete them all before strikes…

but as I try to dump the data, knowing there are 3000+ clips for the user, I get stopped at about 1100

Is this a feature/bug? or is the cursor breaking?

I did search “1100” and saw

but it didn’t have a fix… or staff response… is this something that can be changed/resolve so the community can help streamers ? or should they wait for a twitch fix?

All the publicly available clips API endpoints are pretty terrible, use the GQL endpoints. Just look at the requests on the clips manager page in Chrome to get them. It’s not ideal since it needs the streamer token and isn’t really officially allowed but they are only ones that are reliable and can delete and sensibly paginate by date without missing any because the public ones are only sorted by popularity.

V5 only has a basic top clips endpoint and Helix is totally broken (,, is limited to 11 pages, the timestamp docs are wrong,
it misses basic info like vod.offset and vod.created_at (which even v5 loses once the vod is gone) to calculate when it actually happened and can be cached for hours without having any headers telling you the cache age of the information you just got.

There have been Github issues filed and Uservoices created for all the problems for months or even years without a single fix so if you’re under time pressure like with clip DMCAs then GQL is the way to go my dude.

Usage of the GQL may constitute a violation of the Developer Services agreement and Developers are advised not to use the GQL

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Thanks @BarryCarlyon for creating the issue and the information.

Yeah but the question you have to ask yourself is what’s more likely:

  1. Twitch banning streamers for using the internal endpoints to delete clips
  2. Clip DMCAs getting your channel perma banned

I know where I’ll take my chances. Like the API endpoints have been broken for months, what else are we supposed to do?

“Ohh sorry mister RIAA lawyer I didn’t know that clip with that 5 seconds of music from 4 years ago existed because the API never returned it to me, can you take your DMCA back pretty please?”

Abide by section 10 of the Twitch TOS and thus not be eligible for DMCA’s in the first place?

You are violating the Developer TOS to cover your tracks after violating the main Twitch TOS.

I don’t stream, I’m not making that for myself, and please seriously tell me how many long time streamers that streamed thousands of hours of content aren’t gonna have a few clips somewhere with some tiny spec of copyrighted content in there even just from a game itself that’s DMCAable by a RIAA bot and they’ll never find manually no matter how careful they are with respecting copyright laws. That’s 95% of long term twitch streamers gone if they had reliable scanners.

He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her and what not.

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