Code = from the URL

how to remove the? code = from the URL, if you start a session in home, from .htaccess, or you can’t …

After using the ?code and creating a session in your website
Redirect somewhere

The Twitch button is in Index, but it has to return to Index

Then return to the index after consuming the ?code

yes at the same site

Users comes to your site
User clicks login butt
User goes to twitch
User comes back to your site
You use the code, you redirect the user to your site.

Like this PHP example

You can see that if a ?code exists it’s processed, after after processing the user is redirect to / and they never even see the ?code

I’m going to see, but I think it’s wrong, since it bounces infinite.

This page does not work the page has redirected you too many times.
Delete cookies.

Then that suggests you are redirecting and leaving the the ?code present instead or your code is not behaving as expected

Solved Barri, I put it in the configuration of the API, and I re-send me without code?
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