Commercial API gone?

I’m trying to run advertisements, and I’m getting a v3 error for v5 API?

    [error] => Gone
    [status] => 410
    [message] => It's time to kick ass and serve v3... and I'm all outta v3. See

API I’m trying to access:
'' . $_REQUEST['id'] . '/commercial'

If I change the header to accept V5 api it just gives me an internal error. Any ideas?

You need the v5 header.

And you might get a 500 error, instead of a 4x error, on channels that can’t run commercials or is offline.

As a channel needs to be affilaite+ to run ads, and needs to be live

That API was working as expected when I last ran ads a few hours ago.

I wonder if there’s any chance Twitch can actually give us some real error messages? So I’m not so confused when problems like this arise…

I can’t test while offline, it’s hard to just “test” ads while online. Would be nice if Twitch gave us some more options for testing things.

The issue is open as a issue on the bug tracker wrt the 500’s

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