Cumulative Subscription Tenure - PubSub and UserNotice Updates for Launch


The system-msg doesn’t contain the cumulative months if the streak is not shared:


In webchat:

tduva subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 45 months!

It would be nice if this could be fixed and show the same thing as in webchat, otherwise the system-msg for this can’t really be used for output.


maybe I’m misunderstanding which parameter you’re referring to, but msg-param-cumulative-months is shared regardless of whether streak is shared.


The tag is shared, but the system-msg tag doesn’t include total months in its message so it ends up looking just like a normal sub for any client that is just displaying the parsed system-msg

from the example above, currently it is:
but it should be this:


Understood now, the bug has been filed. Thanks for reporting.


Today I saw a sub bomb in IRC and saw msg-id=subgift;msg-param-months=1; aswell as msg-id=subgift;msg-param-months=0; showing up at two different users. Maybe this is also caused by the potential race condition you mentioned a few days ago.


some people in my chat say that cant resub even tho it there time to resub


That is unrelated to this thread. If you are having issues please relay this to @TwitchSupport on Twitter this forum is for third party developer support