Cursor is not 'null' anymore when there is no next page

Since 06-12-19 my Minecraft-Plugin is reporting a rate-limit.

My Minecraft java plugin was checking for ‘null’ if there is no next result page.
Since that date above there is always a ‘cursor’ even if there are not any following pages.
That resulted in a loop and I was getting rate-limited by twitch.

So please if there are not any addional pages give the ‘cursor’ a ‘null/empty’ result back!

To summarize:
Somehow Twitch-API now added a ‘cursor’ even if the page is not full.
Thatswhy I can’t collect the data I need for my Plugin. It stoppes only if there is no next ‘cursor’.
With “” I just want to check all german minecraft streamers to compare their names with Minecraft players that are on my server.
Since friday 06-12-19 this is not working anymore. Instead I get errors that I am rate-limited.

Pls fix that Bug.

Thanks in advance

It’s a known issue that has happened before and has been occurring over the weekend.

Best solution is to test that the page contains less than 100 records and then stop. As well as testing for the presence of a cursor

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We don’t expect a fix till at least this time tomorrow, and you should also add defensive code in case it happens again

Thx for the quick reply. I’ll wait for a fix.

Any news on this? Will this be fixed?

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