Custom notes for streamers you're following

Hi all,

What I’m trying to accomplish is to enable the user to mouse-over streamers that they’re following in the left-hand bar and have a tooltip show up that shows the user’s custom note they have set for that streamer.

Reason being is if a streamer changes their name or they haven’t streamed for a while, the user is able to set a note stating ‘I followed this streamer because he/she was funny, cool etc. and played XYZ game’. Or, ‘This streamer’s original name is: XYZ’.

There’s the current tooltip that opens when you mouse-over a streamer you’re following and it shows the title of their stream. I’d like to replace that (or just place underneath) the custom note/description that the user has set.

Just from a high-level perspective, I’d obviously have to link a streamer’s custom note to their name, but if they change their name then there could be issues unless they all have a unique ID I could somehow get access to?

I don’t have any experience with using the Twitch API, I’m wondering if learning about the Twitch API is the right way to go about this? If so, I’ll go ahead and check out the FAQ and any beginner tutorials I can find. Are there any particular API calls I should research that would help me develop this feature?

Or would it be better if I spend my time learning about developing a Chrome extension instead? Or is there another way I can accomplish this that I don’t know about?


All users on the site have a unique userID

The Twitch API can’t “store notes” so

Chrome extension or custom website or whatever works best here

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Okay I’ll begin my journey into Chrome extension development. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I would use this. I make a note for everyone I talk to in Discord.
I think this could be really good for the streamer as well…
I actually have been looking for a feature like this for a while.

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