Date precision update for Get Users

What’s changing?

Starting today, the precision for the created_at timestamp returned by the Get Users endpoint will be updated to seconds. Previously, this value could have included a higher precision with fractional second digits. RFC3339 is still the format to expect.

Why are we making these changes?

A higher precision cannot always be provided, so the precision is being updated to values that can be guaranteed (i.e. to the second).

Who will be impacted by these changes?

This change may affect any developer who was expecting a higher precision than seconds (e.g. fractions of seconds). Given this was not always a guarantee, we believe the impact to be low.

What action needs to be taken?

Code that expects or was written to interpret fractions of seconds can be eliminated if there is a negative impact to your application.


I hope documentation will be updated to reflect these changes, possibly eliminating any further issues “documentation states precision can be in milliseconds, but data returned is in seconds at most”.

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Probably jsut waiting for the deploys to go thru!

Thanks for mentioning it just in case! The example in the API reference as well as the API guide have been updated for this week’s documentation deployment.

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I hope documentation will be updated to reflect these changes

As already noted

It has been updated