Deleted application has valid tokens

Using the endpoint to validate tokens I found 2 lingering user tokens I no longer use and tried to revoke them through the endpoint.

Both tokens reported as valid. Each token (according to my own documentation) should have had a different client_id but they both report the same client_id. Not a big deal by itself.

When trying to revoke the tokens I got a 404 “client does not exist” for the reported client_id and the client_id from my documentation.

Since as of this date you don’t need both the Client-ID and Bearer Authorization headers I tried a few requests to the helix endpoint

When using only the Client-ID header I get a 401 “Must provide a valid Client-ID or OAuth token”
But when using the Bearer Authorization header I get a valid response.

Any thoughts/ideas? Should I contact Twitch support to have them removed/revoked?

The client application no longer exists in my dev console.

(edit) The application was removed quite some time ago. In the order of months to years.

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