Developer Agreement Question on Data Policy

Hey there,

I have read carefully the developer agreement and having a question regarding it. English is not my native language and I’m not really well in understanding it. So I want to make sure my future plans are legal in any case.
My question is regarding the VI. Data Policy - Chapter B.

My plan is to write a bot that is listening to the chat and analyzes messages connected to specific words.

So let’s say, i wanna listen to any chat messages with the word “twitch”. I use this word to create for example a word cloud, or analyze whether the word is used in a positive or negative context.
I wouldn’t store any user data connected to the message, so it would be fully anonymized.

Is this basically allowed?
Is this a grey area that may should be avoided?


Ps: I hope this is the correct forum section to ask this type of question. I could not find a better category.

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