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Dear Twitch Team.

My name is Matthijs, CEO of Alterego Games, a small indie studio from the Netherlands. For almost a year now, I’m trying to register our games to our account (Sanity of Morris and Woven). But no matter how many times I fill in the form request, I’m not seeing any updates, nothing is happening and I can’t register games.

It’s important to have the games registered, so we can upload box art and things like that. Twitch is important to us, we’d like to present our games the best we can.

I’ve tried contacting general twitch support, but they said ‘the people at the developer’s area would be better equipped to help us’ which is why I came here.
If there is a better place to ask this, kindly direct me to it! Because I’ve been staring at this issue for too long now and would greatly appreciate the help!

Is there anyone on the team that can check what’s going wrong with the registration, that would be appreciated.

With kind regards,
Alterego Games

Have copied this thread to someone, for when they get in the office

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Hi there!

It looks like your organization was already approved, so feel free to login with your account on the Devsite and you should see it as an option to “Switch Organization” to get into the approved org.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Awesome, thank you for getting back to me. I’ve found the registration. Not on our main account, but on one of our personal accounts, which was why the ‘switch organisation’ didn’t show up on our alteregogames account.

But it should be all fixed now. Thank you for your time.

Stay safe!

With kind regards,


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