Developer Rig Configuration Service says 'This API does not exist"

I am assuming this has to do with the API migration but currently my local developer rig cant access configs, it just throws an error saying the API does not exist. In the console I see the following:

I have been looking through the migration guide I dont see anything about this, are we just waiting on Twitch to update the rig so it uses the new endpoint? My app only uses the Twitch helper it does not run any API queries to Twitch.


For the general gist of things, I don’t expect Twitch to update the rig. So you’ll need your own scritps to manage the confgi

Bummer. Thanks for the update. I guess I can just switch to Global and put a config object in that way for now.

Same problem!

The Rig is not migrated to use the new Extension config endpoints.

The JS Helper is but the Rig’s magic config tool is not

Ah ok well that is unfortunate, guess I wont be working locally for awhile haha

You can still use the localtest on Twitch in a normal browser! The Rig is technically 100% optional :slight_smile:

And since I was bored

I made the config service rig tool as a web page :smiley: