Display Online Status JAVASCRIPT ONLY

Hi guys,

I know this question may seem a bit too easy for some of you but I tried a lot of stuff and I just can’t get this to work (only worked with Kraken, not with Helix)

The mission is easy: Just display the online status of a channel at a website. I don’t have any framework like Vue or something running, just plain old HTML, JS and CSS. Is that even possible without a user login? I would just like to display the online status and put a link to the twitch channel on top of it, like a teaser.

Any help is appreciated!! Thanks so much.

Not in pure front end no.

You need to use a token to call the API.

So you need to either

  • ask the user to login, so you have a token,


  • call a backend service which users an app access token to do status check


  • use eventsub to collect streamer status into a database and the database feeds your frontend

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