Does Helix /users/follows endpoint have delay/caching?

Hey everyone, I have the following use case:

  • I receive a notification via EventSub when I receive a new follower
  • I call the /users/follows endpoint to get the total of followers of that user
  • I update the total of followers on my database

I do this instead of just incrementing a new value because that user might have some unfollows in the middle of the process, so I always get the most recent number.

For example: I had 49 followers, I received 3 new followers within 20 minutes or so, the number from the endpoint was still returning 49 followers, but my profile on Twitch is showing 52.

However, I noticed the total property of the response is not updating after I receive a considerable number of followers at the same time.

Is there any kind of cache on the API side?

Most likely*

*answer may be incorrect due to caching

Personally, I’d only “resync” the total every 5 minutes rather than on every follow

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Thanks for a quick reply! I’m going to “resync” every hour then, I hope this should be fine… otherwise I’m going to increment the last number I have. It works fine for my cases.

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