Doest EBS run one instance for all channels?

Hello everyone. I’m trying to develop my first extension but I cant figure out one thing.
I’m pretty sure it’s described somewhere, but I cant find it.

The question is: if I write an EBS for my extension does it have an instance for each channel it installed on or EBS runs single instance for all channels together?

I took this example to start with but I’m a bit confused yet cuz it has owner ID but yet broadcasts changes to channel ID it receives from request.
If EBS runs single instance for all channels together - what’s the point of ownerID? It’s just a developer’s id?

You host the EBS yourself, so it’s entirely up to you how you choose to scale it and the number of instances you run.

The Owner ID, as mentioned in the docs and shown in the examples, is the ID of the developer. So regardless of which channel the extension is being used on, the owner ID will always be the ID of the extension developer.

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Okay, that definitely helps, thank you!

Are there some notifications that extension being installed/uninstalled?

No but we have a uservoice open for the something to do that