Embed chat popup


I have embed twitch on my website

But i have a problem with chat.

On my website i have this streamer : https://bonolandtv-wixsite-com.filesusr.com/html/067f2d_55d5b8f9ea94126fcf5decfa3c3088d9.html

I can write on chat

And i have this streamer : https://bonolandtv-wixsite-com.filesusr.com/html/067f2d_9b3a0aacdee2906eda1707a868842a90.html

When i want to write, i have a popup and if i dismiss i have this message : You rejected the prompt to send messages in this embedded version of Twitch Chat. If this was done in error, please refresh the page.

How i can disable the popup for the second streamer ?


You don’t

The popup has to be accepted by the user for security reasons

But the first i have not a popup
And the second i have a popup

That suggests you previously accepted the popup, which may get remembered for a period of time by Twitch.

I have never accept a popup

You can test with the 2 link

I don’t know what else to tell you.

Embed chat is supposed to pop a popup warning the user they are in embedded chat on their first message.

You cannot disable this.

I don’t know why you are not getting an alert in one of the channels but you are in the other.

And I tried with random streamer, sometimes I have a popup, sometimes not

The problem is that WIX does not display a popup on a normal page of the site, so i must disable the popup

You can’t disable the popup. It’s a security feature imposed by Twitch.

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