Embed mature overlay keeps showing up

When logged out of Twitch, the mature overlay keeps showing up for stream embeds. I can’t get any html sandbox sites (codepen, fiddle, etc) to work with the embed parent parameter or I’d link an example.

If you have multiple stream embeds on a site and they are all mature, you have to dismiss the warning on every single one of them and it’s absolutely obnoxious and slows down channel discovery.

We want to build rich applications to help streamers reach their targeted audiences but the mature overlay is really blocking progress. Once you dismiss the overlay, it should not show again even when logged out of Twitch.

Here’s the User Voice which I’m sure nobody will care about:


Wait I think this only happens in Chrome Incognito. I tried Firefox and Edge where I have never logged into Twitch and this issue didn’t happen. I also tried Edge InPrivate and it also didn’t happen.

Sorry I got a little passionate about the issue.

S’all good.

The mature overlay is controlled by a cookie.

So if the cookie doesn’t save, is blocked, or is deleted, theres nothing you can do about it really

And incognito modes tend to do weird stuff with cookies anyway

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