Embedding Stopped Working in June

My embedded video on basspig.com stopped working in June. Users see a grey box with a sad face logo and “player.twitch.tv refused to connect.”

I did some research and updated the code per other threads along this line (apparently it stopped on June 10), and am using the following code:

I also tried this variation based on a discussion here:

However, I am still unable to embed and have the video stream display like it did before June of this year.

Have I made a typo somewhere?

You missed the announcement of the changes to embedding:

Announcement of the changes Twitch Embedded Player Updates in 2020

the correct URL to use is


Since you are not using WIX

But your website, needs to be served over SSL (https://) but it’s not available via SSL

Thanks for the quick reply!

I made the change, result in this error:

"Whoops! This embed is misconfigured.

(Developers: Please check your browser console for more"

I’ve modified the code as follows:

Your website needs to be over SSL

as in at https://basspig.com/ not http://basspig.com/

I’m not sure I understand. If I try typing https://www.basspig.com, I get an error page.

Why is this a problem now, when it wasn’t before June 20?

Twitch changed the requirements for embeds.

SSL is now required, your website is not available over SSL (hence the error page)

Well that’s not good. I run my own server and the problem with SSL certs is that IIS 7.5 only supports on cert and I have eight web sites hosted.

I wonder if I can embed the video on a page on my secured site and then load that page in a frame on my non SSL site?

No since the “outer” website won’t be over SSL and you have to specify the “inner” and “outer” websites as parents.

Gee, that’s frustrating.

I guess I’ll have to try nginx and setting up my own video stream server. Twitch changes code too often, breaking my page embeds.

To the best of my knowledge aside from the launch of embed everywhere this has been the only change to embedding in 5 years.

The change was announced on the forums, back in February.

And if using the JS embed your code just works (since it auto determines the parent), the only other requirement is to use SSL. And the web as a whole is moving to a SSL only basis for the most part.

This SSL matter is a problem for me, because IIS 7.5 only supports one certificate. I’ve got that for my commercial site. But if I try to add certs to the other sites, there is a contention/conflict.
Very unfortunate because Twitch was a good quality streaming platform which worked right from OBS without having to set up a stream first on a browser as is the case with Youtube and Facebook and Twitch doesn’t ban me if a bit of copyrighted material is shown during a presentation/demonstration.
The last time the embedding broke on me was about a year ago, when it was necessary to make changes to the embedded code to make it work again. I normally leave things alone unless something stops working.

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