Embeds not working since update

Hey guys, I’m running a website locally on machine and it gives me the

I’ve set parent as local host, but it’s still giving me error.
Behind iframes I’m running js to pull 4 most played streams. I’m kinda lost what can I do more to troubleshoot since console is giving me no errors. There is a header in the script, but I’ve removed it due to security reasons.

	const url = "https://api.twitch.tv/helix/streams?game_id=513319";
	const time_interval = 100000;

	async function getStream () {

	  const done = await fetch(url,{
													method: 'GET',

	  const peklo = await done.json();

		for (let i = 0 ; i < 4 ; i++){
			document.getElementById('frame' + (i+1) ).src = "https://player.twitch.tv/?channel="+ peklo.data[i].user_name +"&parent=localhost"+"&muted=true"+"$allowfullscreen=false"



Is this local websites URL

https://localhost or http://localhost or something else?

You have specified the parent as localhost but if the URL is not localhost that’ll be your issue

Yes, I’m on localhost.

Without being able to access it I can’t debug it.

So I’ll need the full HTML and JS with secrets removed so I can look and see whats going on if I get a moment.

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