Emoteonly stuck on


We’ve had an IRC script that puts our chat in emote only when someone re-subscribes for 24+ months. It lasts 20 seconds, then is given emoteonlyoff.

This has worked fine for about 2 years now until recently. Estimating in the last 3 months.

At times, chat will get stuck in emoteonly even after emoteonlyoff is issued. He’s tried to add another small delay and send it again, but it still gets stuck randomly.

Here’s a screen shot showing the emoteonlyoff command given but Twitch responds “This room is not in emote-only mode”, when it is.

Any help would be appreciated.


That looks like mIRC ? If it is, do

/debug @raw

and a new window should open that shows all the raw data and IRCv3 tags. Watch the output and see if something odd is happening, You should see msg-id=emote_only_on and msg-id=emote_only_off for each action. If you indeed see msg-id=already_emote_only_off without any other off’s being sent it is odd.

I just wonder if someone else, or something else is shutting it off and you aren’t getting the notice in your normal view.


While I appreciate your input Matt, we’ve both looked at debug @raw windows and find no ghost actions. We’ve concluded it’s just something with Twitch not syncing across regions.

We’ve disabled the feature for now in hopes for a fix in the future. Too many times chat gets stuck in emote only.

Feel free to close this thread. Thanks.