Endpoint to get my current activity

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to make an app that has the feature “Currently Watching {STREAM}”, similar to when you connect your Twitch account with Discord

Reading Helix API docs I was not able to find what endpoint can be used to get this information
Anyone knows how to do that?

Just to be clear: I want to get what I’m watching, there is nothing about other users

I tried to search for that here and in Google but I didnt find the right endpoint yet

Thanks in advance!

There is no API that presents this data

You need a uservoice to request this functionality


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Thanks for the fast answer

I’m quite curios about how Discord does that

Like, when you connect your Twitch account to Discord, It generates an OAuth URL request for approval
So, It was being done by Discord, right?

Discord doesn’t track “you are watching x”

I think you refer to people being “purple” on Discord.

This is tracked from OBS being open. (aka streamer mode)

Discord doesn’t track whom you are watching. It tracks if you are streaming or not. (Which can be done by checking if the linked Twitch account is visible on the streams API, or seeing if OBS is open and assuming)

So Discord doesn’t track who you are watching. Tracks if you are streaming

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Oh, Ok, thanks again!

Here is the UserVoice

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