Error: Bad Request No client id specified

Error :
{“error”:“Bad Request”,“status”:400,“message”:“No client id specified”}

i use

I’m new, I just want to get broadcast information on this subject.

Then you need a client ID

You can sign up for one via Twitch Developers

additionally for that kraken endpoint you’ll need to convert from a username to an ID

And since kraken is depreacted look at using helix instead

OAuth redirect URLs what do I need to type here?

You can leave it as http://localhost if you don’t intend to utilise oAuth to authenticate users with your clientID

I did this. How can I get the broadcast information of a publisher? Like the number of viewers.

What do you mean “a publisher”?

Sorry I use google translate. My english is so bad. i mean streamer.

The Get Streams endpoint will provide this information

I don’t understand much of them. Can you send me a link like this?
I need just get viewer count.


But you will need to have fed it an oAuth token.
Depending on you usecase, an app access token is likely to be appropriate:

Is it necessary to use curl?

You can use any library for your language that can make HTTP requests

curl is just “universal”

and libraries will tend to use system curl under the hood to fetch/send data

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