Error when trying to read Feed using Python

Hi there I am using this module here
to try and read my feed, but I get the following error.

HTTPError: 410 Client Error: Gone for url:

This is the code I’m currently trying to run:

from twitch import TwitchClient
client = TwitchClient(client_id=‘ID’, oauth_token=‘TOKEN’)

channel = client.channels.get()

posts = client.channel_feed.get_posts(channel)

I’m using the scopes: ‘channel_read’ and ‘channel_feed_read’

Any idea how to fix this or how I can read my feed instead?

Channel Feed was removed in July 2018, as stated in this blog post:

Twitch fully removed the endpoints from documentation on 06/07/2019: Removed deprecated Channel Feed API Reference.

So there is no ‘fix’, because you’re attempting to use something which doesn’t even exist any more, and hasn’t for quite a while.

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