Errors with porting a functional chatbot from Glitch to VPS


Hello, I am new to creating chatbots and even more so with hosting them so looking for some help. I wrote this bot (with tmi.js and express) so that chat could enter a command depending on the boss fight the streamer is doing and get a roll on that loot table with correct probabilities. I have it currently up and running very successfully on Glitch, but due to their technical restrictions, I have to wake the bot every 12 hours - which is quite annoying. As such I want to move it to a low-cost VPS running node.js.

I have tried porting it to heroku, openshift, and AWS elastic beanstalk. All three attempts have resulted in the same problem, so I’m assuming it’s a fundamental difference I don’t understand.

Every time I build the application on one of these I receive, “error: No response from Twitch.” I’ve seen some posts about this happening when you’re trying to connect to many channels at once, but I am only connected to 1 for now to test and get the same error.

The app only contains a package.json file for dependencies, the bot.js file that runs it, and the .env which contains credential information.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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