Events in the new Twitch API?

In the near future the new Twitch API will can support third-party use for Events? Becouse i wrote a script which is make a webhook notification to a specific Discord channel about the new and modified Twitch events from a specific Twtich channel. I want it to work after when the v5 Twitch API remove. Or maybe will have a similar feature for the Twitch Desktop and Mobile app in the future? :slight_smile:

Are you on about Webhooks -> ?


@BarryCarlyon No. Webhooks now just available for Stream up/down and, user follows.
I would like to reach the events information which is appear in here:{Streamer}/events ,
But i figured out how can reach the events page this information from the new API. :slight_smile: But maybe waiting for the end of 2018, if maybe this part modofied in the developing process.

Last time I checked there were no official API end points for events. Don’t think it’s currently on the roadmap either right now for helix

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