EventSub Event Payload

Do all EventSub Event payloads look alike?!
For example this is a payload of a channel.follow event:


What happens if the event is a streamer.offline? Because in that case i dont really need a user_name for example.

Do the events follow a specific rule/convention ?! If not, where can i see example event payloads for each event type?

There is no follow event/topic documented

There is no streamer.offline event/topic documented

Documented topics can be found in the documentation PubSub | Twitch Developers
And example payloads are documented here as well

I’m sorry i meant EventSub. I’ve edited the question.

EventSub is documented here

The topics for eventsub are here

Which includes the various topics and payloads

Payloads are generally “consistent” in that they give you the userID, login and display name of the entities involved in each payload

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O thanks… completely missed that… :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

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