EventSub for many users

I don’t quite understand about the EventSub yet.

There is a limit of 3 subscriptions with the same type and condition values.

If I now have 3 broadcasters with an eventsub channel.update, I can’t include a 4th broadcaster, but must delete the existing eventsubs and create new ones, where I then specify the existing and the new with condition->broadcaster_user_id?

Why do I have to specify the version when creating?
What if the one on Beta suddenly becomes version 1?

Becuase event sub might introduce a version 2 for that topic might have a different payload structure. So versioning describes the format of the payload.

And both V1 and V2 will remain active (for say 10 days)

To give you time to upgrade from V1 to V2’s payload structure.

The beta will be discontinued and auto deleted after 10 days or so (this may vary) and you are expected to upgrade to version 1 aka “Release”.

No thats wrong, you have misunderstood

You can sub to:

  • channel.update for lirik to URL A
  • channel.update for lirik to URL B
  • channel.update for lirik to URL C

then an attempt to do

  • channel.update for lirik to URL D

will fail

What you can do is this:

  • channel.update for lirik to URL A
  • channel.update for ninja to URL A
  • channel.update for timthetatman to URL A
  • channel.update for twitch to URL A
  • channel.update for twitchgaming to URL A

Which works fine.

As thats one topic, one URL and five different conditions

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Great. Then it’s good. That also makes it easier to delete users.

Is there somewhere a notification when there is a version change, so you have no nasty surprises?

Monitor the following:

Ah OK. Then I will create notifications for myself.

Thanks for answering my questions and have a nice weekend.

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